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    You could be the best bed maker, a dab hand at the hob, brilliant with children or simply a doctor all stethoscope’d up and ready to be on call. The point is as long as you pass the DBS check* with flying colours, are over sixteen years old and wish to help in some way, ORCHYD would love to have you along.
    By offering to help you will be a part of something special which happens just once a year – ten Days, which to some are nothing more than dates in the diary, are turned into an experience whereby you learn about yourself, helping children and what the meaning of words like fun, inspiring, enjoyable, caring and fantastic truly are!

    Obviously the children and their parents really appreciate it too, for without you, there really is no holiday!

    The Dates for the next event are Thursday 4th to Saturday 13th of August 2022

    New to ORCHYD

    If you wish to apply to volunteer on the 2022 ORCHYD Holiday, or help with any of our day trips, please download, complete and return one of the below documents:
    Download: New Helper Pack (Word Document)
    Download: New Helper Pack PDF
    * We require DBS checks to be completed for all our volunteers.

    Registered Volunteers
    Use the link below to below to volunteer for the next event
    Volunteer for an ORCHYD event

    2022 - Allergy anaphylaxis Policy.pdf
    2022 - Asthma policy.pdf
    2022 - Enteral feeding policy.pdf
    2022 - Epilepsy and Administration of Emergency Medicaiton for Epilepsy Policy.pdf
    2022 - Infection control policy Incl Covid.pdf
    2022 - Medication Management Policy.pdf
    2022 ORCHYD Helpers Booklet.pdf
    2022 ORCHYD Policies - Non Medical.pdf
    2022 ORCHYD Risk Assessments.pdf
    2022-23 ORCHYD Employers & Public Liability Insurance Certificates.pdf